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“Family stability and neighborhood resiliency are the cornerstones to making sure every person in our city has the opportunity to thrive. Through targeted investments with human services providers, we can build a strong foundation for economic security for our residents.” - Mayor Andrew J. Ginther

 " City Council’s commitment to the economic security and quality of life of our residents continues to be a priority.  We value the partnership we have with human services providers and the opportunity to offer funding that supports direct services and programs that help many residents transition to a place of economic stability. " - Priscilla Tyson, Councilmember & Chair of the Human Services Committee

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and Councilmember Priscilla Tyson are pleased to announce the release of the City of Columbus' Request for Proposals (RFP) for the 2019 – 2020 Human Services Grant Program.

The City of Columbus is fully committed to serving and creating lasting change in the lives of those who are economically insecure in our community. Through targeted investments, our vision of economic security and resilience for all will build a thriving community where individuals and families have access to education, training, living wages, higher paying jobs, financial wellness programs, and supports to maintain stable housing and income.



A Vision of Economic Security & Resilience for All

Security is directly linked to stability

People are Economically Secure and Resilient when they have a stable income, stable housing and all other necessary stabilization resources to support a defined standard of living today and in the foreseeable future.


Our Current Reality

Many people in Columbus are living in Economic Insecurity.

People are economically insecure when they have an unstable income, live in unstable housing and/or do not have all other necessary stabilization resources to support a defined standard of living today and in the foreseeable future.


The Work

Moving from Economic Insecurity to Economic Security

Creating, maintaining and improving pathways and capacity-building opportunities for people to move from economic insecurity to economic security as demonstrated by measurable results in one or more of the City’s Investment Priorities.


Please review the full Request for Proposals for the full Guidelines and Application.