Neighborhood Liaison Program

The Neighborhood Liaisons are a team of advocates created to work across Department lines to get results for citizen requests, problems and questions. The Liaisons are responsible for three tasks:

  • Coordinating the exchange of information among citizens, neighborhood organizations and city staff
  • Providing technical assistance and serving as an advocate on neighborhood issues.
  • Coordinating the investment of city resources in the neighborhoods

The city has been divided into 12 service areas and a Liaison has been assigned to each of the areas to work directly with the citizens and neighborhood organizations. Whether it’s cleaning an alley, replacing a burned out street light, arranging for grass in a public right-of-way to be cut, the Neighborhood Liaisons are there to connect you with the right people to get the job done – and you need only make one phone call.

Each Neighborhood Liaison also serves a specific Area Commission and/or a Civic Association by working to assist the organization with any issue involving the better delivery of City services.

Neighborhood Liaison Responsibilities

Area Commissions & Civic Associations

Neighborhood Liaison Areas

Area Commission Related Code Sections:

(Chapter 3109) Area Commissions - Procedures for establishment

(Chapter 3111) Establishment of commission areas and Area Commissions

Neighborhood Liaison Coordinator

Department of Development
Program Coordinator
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