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Homeowner Quiz

To preserve and protect the character of our neighborhoods, we all need to do our part. Take the Neighborhood Pride Homeowner Quiz to find out if your home is safe and well maintained (T=True or F=False).

  • There is no litter or trash around my home, including in my yard, near the curb or alley.
  • I mow my lawn regularly.
  • My neighbors can safely walk on my sidewalk because there are no holes in the concrete and the bushes are trimmed.
  • I always put my trash container away at the end of trash collection day. My car is parked in my driveway, garage, or on the street.
  • The gutters and downspouts on my house are securely attached.
  • The shingles on my house and garage cover all of my roof.
  • I always repair any broken window as soon as I can.
  • The doors to my home are securely attached.
  • While it may not be perfect, the paint on my house looks pretty good.
  • I store my gas grill safely.
  • An emergency squad can find my home to help me or my family because my address is clearly marked.

If you answered false to any of the above questions, you may have a potential code violation.