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The New American Initiative As the 14th largest city in the United States, Columbus is a global city. Part of what fuels the growth and strength of our city is our quickly growing population of new and once new Americans. Communities of immigrants and refugees have spurred growth in our cultural richness, economic growth, and development of the city. 

The New American Initiative was created to give all immigrant and refugees living in Columbus access to city services and programs to help improve their lives.  This initiative gives equal opportunity to all refugees and immigrants and allows them to become active, productive, and equitable residents of Columbus.

New Americans in Columbus

New Americans in Columbus Columbus has long been a destination for immigrants, refugees, and New Americans. As a result, Columbus is home to a wide array of cultures, languages, and practices.  - learn more

NAI Resources

Resources As a welcoming city, there are many organizations and resources for New Americans in Columbus. These organizations ensure that the needs of our diverse communities are being met. - learn more

NALA Certificates

The New American Leadership Academy The New American Leadership Academy is one way that the Department of Neighborhoods empowers individuals to become advocates for their communities. By empowering New American leaders, we can ensure that everyone has a voice. Click here for more information