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Office of Diversity
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INTERNAL DIVERSE LEADERSHIP, COMMITMENT & COMMUNICATION Mission: To clearly define and communicate internally what the City of Columbus means by diversity and inclusion. Also, to support Mayor Ginther and the Cabinet Leadership Team in the reinforcement of Mayor Ginther’s vision and commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout City Departments and Commissions, with the ultimate goal of developing a benchmark standard of diversity and inclusion leadership for other U.S. cities to follow. 

Diversity Committee

An important part of demonstrating commitment to diversity and inclusion is having the Mayor and all members of his cabinet being involved in a diversity committee process that will hold each director accountable for the progress in area’s in diversity management with the city.

In 2017, under the leadership of Mayor Andrew J. Ginther, the City of Columbus will launch the 1st ever citywide diversity committee process. The City of Columbus diversity committee will be comprised of representatives from all city departments and commissions which will meet at least twice a year to set direction, establish policy’s, and evaluate progress in the areas of workforce diversity, supplier diversity, and other areas to be determined by the committee. Stay tuned for more information and details about the diversity committee process. 


Mayor Ginther puts an emphasis, on diversity and inclusion, neighborhood collaboration, and infant mortality, during his State of the City Address.


CLICK HERE: Full text of Mayor Andrew J. Ginther's 2017 STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS