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Supplier Diversity

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New Vendor - Contract Compliance Process

How to Register for Contract Compliance:

  • Start at Vendor Services:   http://vendorservices.columbus.gov/e-proc    
    • Select Registration  located in the  navigation bar  (as shown below) 

      Vendor Services Navagation Bar
    • Register (follow prompts)
      • To avoid duplicate registrations - Complete Company search
      • Enter Tax Payer ID and select New Registration (as shown below)
      • Vendor Services Portal - Terms and Conditions of Use (Select Accept)
      • General Information Section
      • Solicitation Notification Section
      • Create User ID and Password
    Vendor Services - Registration
    You will see Welcome to Vendor Services
      • To apply, go to the Profile Tab, next select Update Profile
      • Scroll to "Vendor Contract Compliance Previously Recorded Responses"
      • Select the modify button (on the right side)
      • Complete Questionnaire/Make changes  (as shown below)
      • Click Save to Submit

                    Contract Compliance Electronic Application


      Upon approval, the listed Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security number for your company is entered as your Contract Compliance Number.  Each responsive bidder must submit with the bid proposal, its Contract Compliance Number.


      (To gather the necessary information -   CLICK HERE    - to view the list of questions that will be included on the Contract Compliance Questionnaire)


      Businesses with 50 or more employees    are required to submit the following Federal EEO-1 form to the City of Columbus, Equal Business Opportunity Office within days. (Please e-mail form to   throseboro@columbus.gov   )

      EEO-1 Form  

      Please contact EBOCO with any questions regarding this process or title code 39.