About Planning Division

The Planning Division works on a wide variety of projects and programs which are aimed at improving the quality of Columbus’ neighborhoods. Our primary areas of work include:

Annexation: Processing of applications for annexation to the city.

Celebrate One: Support for the city’s Celebrate One program.

Columbus Citywide Planning Policies: Land use planning and design guidelines for city neighborhoods.

Design Review:  Staff support for design review commissions, including Downtown Commission, University Impact District Review Board, and the East Franklinton Review Board.

Development Review: The review of rezoning and variance applications for consistency with adopted plan recommendations. (This process is initiated through the Department of Building and Zoning Services)

Historic Preservation: Staff support for the city's architectural review commissions and for Section 106 review of federally-funded projects.

Maps and Apps: Development of maps, data, and applications in support of planning and other development related efforts.

Public Art: Staff support for the Columbus Art Commission.

Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund: Planning for neighborhood based capital improvements.

For more information about each area of work (including contact info), please click the name of the work area above.


For general inquiries, you may call the Planning Division information line at 614-645-8664

Please note that other city departments conduct additional topic specific planning, including parks planning, transportation planning, and utilities planning.  Parks planning is conducted by the Department of Recreation and Parks, transportation planning is conducted by the Department of Public Service, and utilities planning is conducted by the Department of Public Utilities.  Additionally, the Building and Zoning Services Department is responsible for accepting and reviewing applications for development, including permitting, site compliance, zoning clearance, and rezoning and variance requests.

Planning Division Staff

Kimberly Barnard
Assistant Historic Preservation Officer   

Lori Baudro, AICP
Senior Project Coordinator 

Marc Cerana
GIS Analyst/Cartographer

Mark Dravillas, AICP 

James A. Goodman, M.S. 
Historic Preservation Officer   

Patrick Holland
Senior Planner

Corinne Jones, AICP
Assistant Historic Preservation Officer   

Christopher Lohr 
Planning Manager

Cristin Moody
Assistant Historic Preservation Officer  

Linda Poulton
Administrative Assistant 

Marc Rostan 
Senior Planner

Alex Sauersmith
Senior Planner 

Belkis Schoenhals 
Senior Planner

Luis Teba
Senior Planner

Daniel Thomas
Urban Design Manager 

Connie Torbeck
Assistant Historic Preservation Officer   

Jackie Yeoman 
Planning Manager