Brice - Tussing Market Study

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The City of Columbus completed a real estate market study focused around the Brice – Tussing area, which also includes portions of the city just north of I-70 and stretches south to US33. To assist the city with this study, the city selected Columbus-based DiSalvo Development Advisors (DDA) to work with the Planning Division.

The city performed a real estate market study of the area around Brice - Tussing to document the state of the commercial market and to forecast future absorption. The study presents information about current commercial market economics (vacancy rates, commercial rents, etc.).

Brice – Tussing Real Estate Market Study Goals:

  • To prepare a real estate market study and report that will provide the basis for the development of the 2015 Brice - Tussing Area Plan.
  • Evaluate the zoning and land use patterns relative to the market study findings.
  • To deliver detailed study and recommendations that addresses market constraints, land use, and zoning.

Download a copy of the completed study: Brice-Tussing Market Study

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