Commercial Overlays - Overview

Columbus has three commercial zoning overlays designed to work in conjunction with underlying zoning districts to improve the character of commercial corridors, facilitate streetscape continuity, and encourage pedestrian-friendly development. The overlays address building and parking placement, landscaping, graphics, lighting, drive-thru uses, and other components of commercial site development. The overlays apply to retail, restaurant, office and medical office uses.

The Urban Commercial Overlay (UCO) is the oldest of the three types. Established in 1999, the UCO reinforces the pedestrian oriented development pattern common in the city's older commercial corridors. The Community Commercial Overlay (CCO) was developed to encourage a walkable built environment with enhanced front yard landscaping for commercial corridors dating generally to the mid-20th century. The Regional Commercial Overlay (RCO), applies generally to newer, more auto-oriented commercial corridors with a larger-scale development pattern. Code requirements, standards and geographic designations for all of the commercial overlays can be found in chapter 3372 of the Columbus Zoning Code.