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The Columbus Planning Academy (CPA) is designed to educate community members about land use planning in the city of Columbus so that community members may be informed and involved in a land use plan process. CPA will answer questions like "What is land use planning? How does it work? and How does it benefit my community?" If you are currently participating in a land use process for your area, it is recommended that you watch the CPA training series.

Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2) are the basis for land use planning in the City of Columbus. To learn more about C2P2, please visit:  

Columbus Planning Academy - Training Series Videos

The training series is comprised of 9 videos, each one addressing a different topic. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the full training series. You may watch all the videos at once or break it up into shorter sessions. 

CPA Full Training Series: When viewing the full training series, click the "next" arrow at the bottom of screen to proceed to the next video, or click each video separately in the table of contents (not available in full screen mode).

You may also view individual videos by clicking the links below:

1. Introduction
2. Planning Division
3. C2P2
4. Planning Terms
5. Guiding Principles
6. Design Guidelines
7. Land Use Policies
8. Recommended Land Use
9. Development Review

Columbus Planning Academy Certificate: If you'd like to receive a certificate indicating you've completed the training series, please answer a few questions about the training.

Columbus Planning Academy - Additional Course Materials:
CPA Glossary of Planning Terms
Development Review Process
Development Review - Before and After Examples
Land Use Classification Table - C2P2
Columbus Citywide Planning Policies (C2P2)

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