The Planning Division will be developing and posting a variety of educational materials to increase access to information about the Planning Division’s policies and programs to improve transparency and communication. Check back for future additional materials.

How to:


It is a priority of the Planning Division to get out into the neighborhoods as a way of developing open lines of communication through unstructured, non-transactional interactions. Be sure to check back for updates on how the team is getting out into community. We hope to see you there!

Neighborhood Walking Tours

Columbus Planning conducts a walking tour of a neighborhood every few months where we listen, learn, and experience Columbus communities first hand. Participants can include city staff, community members and other interested stakeholders.  Each tour typically includes stops at: new developments to review site & building characteristics, historic sites and landmarks, as well as other noteworthy (or notorious) places such as parks and schools or an area lost to highway construction.

Please contact Nolan Harshaw at [email protected] if you are interested in participating in an upcoming tour or have requests/suggestions for future tours.

Urban Explorations Lunch Destinations

The division goes out once a month to have lunch at locally owned, brick and mortar businesses in the city which we haven’t visited before. The goal is to support local businesses, get out into the communities and team build.

If you have any recommendations please send them to [email protected] or contact us on social media.