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Photo Courtesy of Mark Hollern

Through, by artist, Todd Kime, was selected by 77% of the votes placed over the web and received at an artist event hosted on July 25 by the Harrison West Society.

Thanks to all who voted.

Many thanks to artists Jon Barlow Hudson, Todd Kime and Xan Palay for creating such wonderful proposals to consider for Harrison Park. Through will be presented to the Columbus Art Commission at their September 22 hearing with a request for conceptual approval.

The Harrison Park Public Art Project is a joint partnership between the City of Columbus Public Art Program and the Harrison West Society.

The Columbus Art Commission Hearings are open to the public and are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:00p.m. at 50 West Gay Street (Beacon Building). Hearings are held when there are applications to consider. For more information or to confirm a hearing please contact [email protected] or call 614.645.6986.


The Harrison West Society (HWS) and the Columbus Public Art Program (CAP) have partnered to commission a professional visual artist to design, fabricate and install a fifth sculptural artwork for Harrison Park.

Project Background

Last fall, an Artist Call/Request for Proposals was released inviting artists in Ohio to submit examples of their artwork for review by a seven member Art Advisory Panel approved by the HWS and the Columbus Art Commission (CAC). Twenty-one artists submitted qualifications and the Panel selected three artist finalists: Jon Barlow Hudson, Todd Kime and Xan Palay. The CAC approved the finalist selection and the City entered into contract with the artists to each develop a site-specific art proposal for Harrison Park. Artists were paid $750 to create proposals that were presented at a gathering hosted by the HWS at the Harrison Park Condos Community Center, on Saturday, July 25. The art budget is $90,000 all inclusive, including a 10% contingency set-aside.

Click here for a photo of the general location for the artwork in Harrison Park.

Please use the links below to view images of the proposals and view the artists' PowerPoints and statements.


From left, artists Todd Kime, Xan Palay, and Jon Barlow Hudson

All photos compliments of Mark Hollern

Please stop by again. We are working on uploading videos of the artists' July 25th presentations.


Artist Jon Barlow Hudson | Artwork Title: Uncarved Block: Cosmos

Artist: Todd Kime | Artwork Title: Through 

Artist: Xan Palay | Artwork Title: Color Theory 

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