Public Art - Overview

The Columbus Art Commission (CAC) was appointed in 2007. It has statutory authority over the design and placement of all works of art to be acquired by the city, placed on land owned or leased by the city, or placed anywhere in the public right‐of‐way. The seven‐member commission is comprised of individuals experienced and interested in the arts, landscape architecture and architecture.

The Commission has accepted a definition of art that is both traditional (sculpture, painting, fountains and monuments) and contemporary (mixed‐media, sound and light). In short: art includes all forms of art, regardless of its permanence, created in any medium, material or combination thereof.

It is the CAC's belief that public art, when done successfully, can reflect a community's history, culture and values.  It helps to define and create a sense of place --- making something memorable out of our daily comings and goings. Public art bridges the old with the new, and is accessible to all. From a practical standpoint, public art can improve the aesthetics and neighborhood acceptance of public works projects and employ local artists, crafts people, fabricators and materials suppliers.