Public Art Bike Rack Program

Bike Rack Pilot Program Photo

The Columbus Art Commission (CAC) has partnered with the Recreation and Parks Department, Department of Public Utilities and the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) to install new public art bike racks at selected locations across the city. A total of nine bike racks, one per facility, will be fabricated and installed at the following locations: ( map link)

  • Barack Community Center, 580 E. Woodrow Ave., Columbus, OH 43207
  • Blackburn Community Center, 263 Carpenter Street, Columbus, OH 43205
  • Dodge Community Center, Park & Pool, 667 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205
  • Indian Mound Community Center, 3901 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43207
  • Milo Grogan Community Center, 862 E. Second Street, Columbus, OH 43201
  • Tuttle Community Center, Park & Pool, 240 W. Oakland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43202
  • Westgate Community Center & Park, 455 S. Westgate Ave., Columbus, OH 43204
  • Whetstone Community Center/Park & Park of Roses, 3923 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43214
  • Department of Public Utilities, 910 Dublin Road, Columbus, OH 43215

The designs were solicited in a call for proposals issued last year to professional artists living or working in Columbus. The proposals were reviewed for artistic merit by an artist selection panel seated by the CAC. From this artist call, a group of nine proposals were chosen for community review and selection.

Each of the selected design proposals has undergone a preliminary engineering review for constructability, safety and budget. Once the selections have been made they will be submitted to the Columbus Art Commission for final approval. The City will bid all of selected proposals together to retain a contractor to fabricate and install the art bike racks at locations selected by Recreation and Parks. The Department of Public Utilities will select the bike rack design for their facility.


The Public Art Bike Rack voting is in and we’re pleased to share the results with you. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Here are the results:

Sunshine Parking

  • Indian Mound Community Center: Sunshine Parking, Glen Holland, Artist

Follow the Bouncing Ball

  • Blackburn Community Center: Follow the Bouncing Ball, Michael B. Hays, Artist
  • Tuttle Community Center: Follow the BouncingBall, Michael B. Hays, Artist
  • Westgate Community Center: Follow the Bouncing Ball, Michael B. Hays, Artist

The Sightseer

  • Barack Community Center: The Sightseer, Wes Kull, Artist
  • Dodge Community Center: The Sightseer, Wes Kull, Artist
  • Milo-Grogan Community Center: The Sightseer, Wes Kull, Artist
  • Whetstone Community Center: The Sightseer, Wes Kull, Artist

The Columbus Art Commission voted on Thursday, May 22, 2014 to approve the final design and placement of the bike rack proposals at the designated Community Recreation facilities.

Next Steps:

The intent is to get the art bike racks fabricated and installed this year. Stay tuned!

A special thanks to all of the artists that submitted designs. Follow the link below to learn more about the designs that were recognized as finalists.
Bike Rack Design Finalists

For comments or questions, contact:

Lori Baudro, AICP, Senior Project Coordinator
614-645-6986  [email protected]