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Project Background

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In June of 2014 the advisory panel established by the Columbus Art Commission unanimously selected the following three project finalists:

  • Olga Ziemska, Cleveland Ohio  ( website)
  • Tom Hubbard, Chagrin Falls, Ohio ( website)
  • Irwin Redl, Bowling Green, Ohio ( website)

The Columbus Art Commission approved the slate of finalists at their June 23, 2014 hearing. By conferring this approval, the CAC approved any one of the three finalists for the project commission. However, the project design would still require additional Commission approvals before moving on to the fabrication phase.

Since the selected artist will be working closely with the design team retained by the Department of Public Service, the finalists interviewed with an ad hoc artist panel that included:

  • two project design team representatives (engineer and landscape architect),
  • designated City of Columbus project staff, and
  • two members of the Artist Advisory Panel. 

Following interviews that took place in August of 2014, the panel unanimously selected Artist Olga Ziemska.

Design Phase

During the Design Phase Olga Ziemska, the project artist will seek community input that will help inspire her design ideas for the public art project. Over the next few months, Olga will meet with the community and members of the Department of Public Service Design Team to develop her ideas for the public artwork.

Your input is requested. A questionnaire was developed by the artist that will help her understand your thoughts about public art in general and for the Parsons Avenue project area in particular. The survey will be open for comment through January 15, 2015.

Parsons Avenue Public ArtSurvey

Forcomments or questions, contact:

Lori Baudro, AICP, Senior Project Coordinator
614-645-6986  [email protected]