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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Directives Foreword


Mission and Vision Statements

Mission and Values Statements





Chapter 1 Employee Conduct

1.01 Rules of Conduct

1.02 Central Work Rules

1.03 Official Oath

1.04 Core Values

1.05 Code of Ethics


Chapter 2 Use of Force

2.01 Use of Force

2.02 Discharged Firearm

2.03 Firearms Regulations

2.04 Chemical Agents and Intermediate Weapons

2.05 Gas Guns and Grenades


Chapter 3 Arrests, Detention and Searches

3.01 Arrests and Warrants

3.02. Summons and Misdemeanor Citations

3.03 Transport and Slating

3.04 Handling of Juveniles

3.05 Interacting with Persons in Mental Health Crisis

3.06 Crisis Intervention Team and Guidelines for Interacting with Persons with a Mental Illness

3.07 Bias-Based Policing

3.08 Victim/Witness Assistance

3.09 Protection Orders

3.10 Concealed Carry

3.11 Body Cavity and Strip Searches

3.12 Administering Oaths

3.13 Representation by City Attorney


Chapter 4 Police Operations and Investigations

4.01 Officer/Firefighter in Trouble Call

4.02 Serious Crime Scenes, Threatened Officer Protection, and Guard Duty

4.03 Surveillance/Stake-outs/Encountering Out-of Uniform Personnel

4.05 Domestic Violence

4.06 Domestic Violence Involving A Law Enforcement Employee

4.07 Missing Persons

4.08 Death Investigations and Reports

4.09 Joint Operational Incidents

4.11 Canine Unit

4.12 Mounted Unit

4.14 Traffic Emergency Response Team (TERT)

4.15 Underwater Search and Recovery

4.16 Memorandum of Understanding


Chapter 5 Vehicle Operations and Investigations

5.01 Emergency Vehicle Operations

5.02 Vehicular Pursuits

5.03 Stopping Tactics

5.04 Traffic Crashes Involving Division Personnel and Vehicles

5.05 Traffic Crash Investigations

5.06 OVI Violators

5.07 Enforcement of Traffic and Parking Violations

5.08 Watercraft Accident Investigations

5.09 Traffic Escorts

5.10 Safety Hazards and Aid to Citizens


Chapter 6 Property and Evidence

6.01 Impounding and Towing

6.02 Property and Evidence Handling

6.03 Seizure/Forfeiture


Chapter 7 Division Organization and Responsibilites

7.01 Organizational Structure

7.02 Duties and Responsibilities

7.03 Command Protocol and Unit of Command

7.04 Boards and Committees

7.06 Ranks within the Division of Police and Fire

7.07 Jurisdiction

7.08 Mutual Aid


Chapter 8 Human Resources

8.01 Leaves and CBA Release

8.02 Sick and Injury Leave, FMLA, Restricted Duty

8.03 Substitute Time

8.04 Assignments and Transfers

8.05 Resignations, Retirements, and Dismissals

8.06 Personnel Involved in Traumatic Events

8.07 Funeral Arrangements

8.08 Equal Employment Opportunity, Discrimination/Harassment, and Americans with Disabilities Act

8.10 The Role of the Division of Police in the Promotion Process


Chapter 9 Fiscal and Personnel Management

9.01 Training

9.02 Employee Development Programs

9.03 Sworn Performance Evaluations

9.04 Civilian Performance Appraisals

9.05 Awards and Recognition

9.06 Compliments

9.07 Complaints

9.08 Discipline

9.09 Grievance Coordination, Control and Analysis

9.10 Fleet Safety Committee Manual

9.11 Inspections

9.12 Travel

9.14 Court Appearances

9.15 Off-Duty Employment

9.16 Special Duty


Chapter 10 Information and Records

10.01 Division Computer Systems

10.02 Records Management

10.03 Directive and Information System

10.04 Division Forms Development and Control

10.05 Field Interview Reports

10.06 Criminal Gang Identifiers

10.07 Sign Language Interpreters

10.09 Police Service Requests and 311

10.10 Division-wide Workload Assessment Reports

10.11 Strategic Plan

10.13 Media Relations and Public Appearances

10.15 Ride-Along Program

10.16 Telephone Usage and Release of Personal Information

10.17 Foreign Language Interpreters

10.18 External Communications and Civic Engagement Policy


Chapter 11 Division Equipment and Uniforms

11.01 Professional Appearance

11.02 Cruiser Video System (CVS)

11.04 Motor Vehicle Fleet

11.05 Division Property Acquisition and Inventory

11.06 Lost, Damaged, or Malfunctioning Property

11.07 Body-Worn Camera (BWC)