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8 - Medical & Background

Time for your Check-up

This step involves additional background investigation including completion of a supplemental questionnaire and a second polygraph to address drug use questions.

This step also includes a rigorous medical examination designed to evaluate your fitness.

You will be given a cardiovascular stress test and a psychological evaluation.

The vision requirements state that your vision must be correctable to 20/20 BINOCULAR and no more than 20/125 uncorrected in each eye (most laser surgery correction are now acceptable). You must also have moderate color discrimination ability.

The medical exam, including vision, physical, and psychological test, must be passed before a Final Offer of Employment is given.

For more detailed information, please review the Stress Test Training Manual.

Stress Test

The City of Columbus administers a cardiovascular screening as a part of its pre-employment medical process for police officer candidates. The medical exams occur after a candidate has received a conditional offer of employment. The protocol used for the graded exercise test is the most well studied and widely used protocol designed for the motorized treadmill. The Bruce Protocol is a continuous graded exercise test which includes no rest between work stages and each stage of work is more difficult than the previous. This protocol is designed to elicit maximal levels of work for most individuals within a reasonable period of time, usually 8-15 minutes. 

The Recruiting Unit offers the opportunity to practice the cardiovascular stress test for free, at the Recruiting Unit Office. (1120 Morse Rd. Columbus, OH 43229) Call (614) 645-4642 to schedule an appointment.    


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