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Candidates will be notified by letter of an appointment date for the Police Academy.

Training Academy Expectations

The Academy is a non-residential facility, while training recruits are considered to be city employees and will receive paid training. It should be understood that acceptance into the Academy is not a guarantee of permanent employment with the Columbus Division of Police. For one year from the date recruits start the Academy, they are on probationary status and can be terminated for failing to meet performance and/or academic standards or for demonstrating unacceptable behavior.

The Columbus Division of Police thoroughly trains all recruits in the City of Columbus. The Recruit Training Program consists of more than 1000 hours of comprehensive instruction. The curriculum includes defensive tactics, physical training, patrol operations, law and legal procedures, human relations, applied behavioral science, criminal investigation and firearms. All subjects included in the recruit training curriculum have been chosen with specific objectives in mind.

Recruits must understand that the advantage derived from these courses will be in direct proportion to the amount of individual effort put forth. By the end of this 29 week training program, recruits should have the ability to pass all of the State certification testing to include the Ohio Peace Officer Physical Fitness Assessment as well as ensuring recruits have the physical capability to perform the physical aspects of the job. Since candidates are expected to meet the physical fitness standards to become an Ohio Peace Officer, it is important that candidates maintain certain levels of fitness throughout the testing and selections process.

Following training at the Academy, recruits are assigned to 15 weeks of field training under the close supervision of Field Training Officers.