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Organizational Structure The Columbus Division of Police is organized into six subdivisions. The subdivisions include the Public Accountability, Patrol Operations, Special Operations, Criminal Investigations, Community Services and Support Services. Each subdivision is commanded by a Deputy Chief. (Listed below.) The nature of each task to be performed determines which subdivision has responsibility and authority.

The individual subdivisions are further divided into bureaus or zones, each of which fulfills a more specific mission. Each zone or bureau is supervised by a police commander.

The zones or bureaus are subdivided into sections or watches and are commanded by a police lieutenant or civilian employee of equivalent position. The sections and watches are broken down into precincts, units, squads, or teams. Each is commanded by a police sergeant or civilian.

The Division of Police operates in a semi-military manner. Authority descends from superior to subordinate and responsibility ascends from subordinate to superior.


Chief Thomas Quinlan Columbus Division of Police
Chief Quinlan joined the Division in 1989 as a member of the 76th recruit class. He has worked a variety of assignments over his 29 year career including Patrol, where he served as a Field Training Officer, Freeway, and Sexual Abuse Squad. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1996 where he worked 3rd shift Patrol and the Detective Bureau’s Forgery/Fraud Unit. - learn more

Deputy Chief Richard Bash

Deputy Chief Richard Bash Public Accountability Subdivision
Deputy Chief Bash joined the Division in September of 1989. As an officer he worked in the Patrol Bureau, the Mounted Unit, SCAT, Accident Investigation Unit and the High School Resource Unit before being promoted to the rank of Sergeant in June of 1997. As a Sergeant he worked in the Patrol Bureau and the Research and Development Unit. - learn more

Deputy Chief Timothy Becker

Deputy Chief Timothy Becker Criminal Investigations Subdivision
Deputy Chief Becker was born and raised on the west side of Columbus and is a graduate of Bishop Ready High School and The Ohio State University. Deputy Chief Becker is a proud member of the 74th Recruit class of the Columbus Division of Police, beginning in 1988.  During his career Deputy Chief Becker has held assignments in all six subdivisions of the Division. - learn more

Deputy Chief Kenneth Kuebler

Deputy Chief Kenneth Kuebler Special Operations Subdivision
Deputy Chief Kuebler joined the Division in 1994 as a member of the Division’s 89th recruit class. He served as an officer in Patrol, working third shift on 5 Precinct before being promoted to Sergeant in 2000. After assignment to second shift Patrol on Zone 2, he spent two years as the Sergeant of the Research and Development Unit.
- learn more

Deputy Chief Michael Woods

Deputy Chief Michael Woods Patrol Operations Subdivision
Deputy Chief Michael Woods joined the Division in April of 1988 as a member of the 72nd recruit class. As an officer he worked Patrol assignments on the City’s south and west sides as well as the Division’s Street Crime Attack Team. After his promotion to sergeant in 1996, Deputy Chief Woods served as the precinct sergeant on the 8th and 15th precincts. - learn more


Deputy Chief Gregory Bodker Support Services Subdivision
Deputy Chief Bodker joined the Columbus Division of Police in 1994, as a member of the 90th Recruit Class. As an officer he worked in the Linden community within the Patrol Bureau. He also served as a field training officer and was assigned to the Detective Bureau, prior to being promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2005. - learn more


Deputy Chief Jennifer Knight Community Services Subdivision
Acting Deputy Chief Knight was raised on the west side of Columbus and joined the Division in November of 1996 as a member of the 95th Recruit class. As an officer, she worked the west side of Columbus in the Hilltop area and served as a Field Training Officer. She was promoted to sergeant in 2006, where she continued to serve on second shift Patrol on the west side of the City. - learn more