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The Recruiting Unit would like to thank every applicant who took the opportunity and attended any of the "Get Fit and Informed" sessions, and wishes the best of luck to everyone on the Civil Service testing. The Recruiting Unit offers a second "Get Fit and Informed" session to those who pass the Civil Service testing. These sessions will address the upcoming cardiovascular stress test. The Recruiting Unit will offer the opportunity to practice the cardiovascular stress test for free, at the Columbus Division of Police Training Academy. These dates will be provided on this page prior to the actual testing.   

The City of Columbus administers a cardiovascular screening as a part of its pre-employment medical process for police officer candidates. The medical exams occur after a candidate has received a conditional offer of employment. The protocol used for the graded exercise test is the most well studied and widely used protocol designed for the motorized treadmill. The Bruce Protocol is a continuous graded exercise test which includes no rest between work stages and each stage of work is more difficult than the previous. This protocol is designed to elicit maximal levels of work for most individuals within a reasonable period of time, usually 8-15 minutes.


The State of Ohio implemented new physical fitness standards on January 1, 2017. These standards must be met 120 days prior to an applicant starting any police academy. The video below, displays how the standards must be met. The following tables reflect current Physical Fitness Standards (15 Percentile) that are now being required by the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program.

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Standards

Age & Gender
Minimum Scores
(1 Min)
(1 Min)
1.5 Mile Run
Males <29321914:34
Females <2923917:49


City of Columbus Civil Service Standards

Age & Gender
Minimum Scores
(1 Min)
Push-Ups 300 Meter Run
Males <29322662 Sec.
30-39292263 Sec.
40-49251774 Sec.
50-59211288 Sec.
Females <29281470 Sec.
30-39221181 Sec.
40-4918995 Sec.
50-591410106 Sec.


Further questions? Please contact The Recruiting Unit at (614) 645-4642.