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Get Fit and Informed

Through the Get Fit and Informed program, the Recruiting Unit offers an opportunity for candidates to practice Phase 4 of the Civil Service examination. The Civil Service standards for Phase 4 are listed below. Invitations for Get Fit and Informed are sent out to individuals who have passed Phases 1 through 3 of the Civil Service Exam.



City of Columbus Civil Service Standards

Age & Gender
Minimum Scores
(1 Min)
Push-Ups 300 Meter Run
Males <29322662 Sec.
30-39292263 Sec.
40-49251774 Sec.
50-59211288 Sec.
Females <29281470 Sec.
30-39221181 Sec.
40-4918995 Sec.
50-591410106 Sec.


Further questions? Please contact The Recruiting Unit at (614) 645-4642.