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The Columbus Division of Police SWAT team is one of only 15 full-time SWAT teams within the United States. The section was created in 1974 with the primary mission of addressing hostage and barricade situations. In addition to their primary mission, SWAT members also serve violent felony warrants, conduct robbery stakeouts, perform dignitary and witness protection as well as other high-risk operations. The section is currently staffed with 26 full-time SWAT officers and 10 part-time hostage negotiators who perform other police functions throughout the Division of Police when not actively involved in hostage negotiation duties. In 2009 SWAT responded to 32 hostage/barricades and in 2010 they handled 54 hostage/barricade incidents. 

The Columbus SWAT team prides itself on being the best SWAT team in the nation.  To maintain this designation the SWAT section dedicates 20% - 25% of their time training. Because marksmanship is such a integral skill of SWAT team members, designated snipers train every week with their sniper weapons while all SWAT officers train bi-weekly with their assigned M-4 .223 machine guns.