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“Report after report shows us that a high-quality prekindergarten changes lives,” said Mayor Anderw J. Ginther. “This can no longer be optional. It can no longer be just a possibility. We must demand it for every child. Pre-k is the great equalizer.  It gives all kids, rich or poor, black or white, the same starting place. We can delay no longer. Our kids deserve this.”

Children who come to school ready are significantly more likely to succeed academically. But too many of the children who live in the Columbus City Schools district come to kindergarten at a distinct disadvantage. We have the power to change – to ensure that every child comes to school ready to learn and enters a system ready to help them achieve from their first day in school, Columbus is committed to giving our children every chance to succeed. By expanding high-quality prekindergarten services, Columbus children will not only improve readiness for kindergarten, but will be able to accelerate learning and academic performance beyond kindergarten. The school district alone cannot provide all the preschool services needed. The city, private sector, non-profits, and faith-based organizations must get involved.

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