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Mobile Food Vendors (food trucks,trailers & push carts)


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Columbus MFV License

  • Mobile Food Vendors (MFV) OPERATING IN the City of Columbus are required to acquire and maintain a City of Columbus MFV License.
  • An exception to this, would be MFVs that are operating at a “city sanctioned” Special Event/Festival IE: Jazz & Rib Fest, Asian Festival and Red, White and Boom (see Visiting MFV information below). For more information on the MFV Licensure process, please access the following link. (MFV operating in the City of Columbus.)

Visiting Mobile Food Vendors

  • Non-Columbus licensed Mobile Food Vendors (MFV) VISITING the City of Columbus are only allowed to operate at “city sanctioned” Special Events or Festivals and are required to meet the State of Ohio Fire Code regarding MFV operations and pass a safety inspection (at the event site) prior to the event.
  • In-State and/or Out-State MFV’s will be required to have documentation certifying a Propane Pressure Leak Test has been performed and passed by a Certified Propane Technician or Licensed Plumber within the last 12 months. For more information about VISITING MFV operators, please access the following link. (MFV visiting the City of Columbus

All MFV’s

  • Notice:  All (MFV) Mobile Food Vending operators (including Out of State Operators) that do not have a current MFV License with the City of Columbus will be required to meet all components of the Ohio Fire Code.
  • As part of the compliance with the OFC, MFV operators will provide proof of compliant PPLT (Propane Pressure Leak Test).   Documentation for the PPLT shall be maintained on the MFV unit.  Per Ohio Fire Code (c) 320.6.3 (xiii) Piping systems, including hose, shall be pressure tested and proven free of leaks in accordance with section 6.14 of NFPA 58 as listed in rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code