Current issues, events and public health program updates

Holiday Hours and Closures 2019 Columbus Public Health will be closed on the following holidays, and have limited hours on certain days surrounding the holidays. See the schedule below for details November Wednesday, November 27th – Clinic hours will be available from 8am 12pm.  Last - learn more

Holiday Hours and Closures Holiday Hours and Closures - learn more

Food Safety Month

Food Safety Month Know the four main steps to help keep food safe from these germs: clean, separate, cook and chill. - learn more

Program Spotlight: Teen Health Clinic

Program Spotlight: Teen Health Clinic The Teen Health Clinic is open every Tuesday from 3pm-6pm and sees exclusively teens ages 13-19 with or without parents. - learn more

Water First for Thirst

Water First for Thirst Always choose and offer water first, especially when serving children.  - learn more

Are You Prepared for Emergency

Are You Prepared for Emergency Survey of residents to see if you have taken the first steps to being prepared. - learn more