Community Event Requests

Would you like Columbus Public Health at your next community event?  

Columbus Public Health provides community education, health screenings and/or linkages to community resources at health and wellness events in Columbus and Worthington city limits.  

How to Qualify

  • Columbus Public Health cannot be charged a fee to participate in your event.
  • Columbus Public Health does not charge a fee to the requesting organization. 
  • The requesting agency's event must be located in the City of Columbus or City of Worthington limits.
  • Please submit this form at least 45 days prior to your event. If less that 45 days, fewer services may be available. 

Programs/Services Offered  

The following CPH programs offer community education, health screening and linkages to community resources. You can select which you would like to invite. Participation is based on program staff availability.

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Immunizations/vaccine administration and information
  • Minority health consumer empowerment
  • Healthy eating and physical activity for young children (health fair kit, active play kit)
  • Sexual health services prevention information or testing service
  • Social work and/or access to health and community resource information
  • Dental and oral health for children
  • Walking maps
  • Alcohol & drug treatment and education 
  • Other programs or services not listed may be requested

Requesting the Health Fair Kit and/or Active Play Kit

Health Fair Kit image 

Health Fair Kit-

  • Available for a 2-4 hour period
  • Informal one-on-one discussion between the speaker and participants
  • Includes a display with nutrition and physical activity messages and tools
  • Best for parents, grandparents, and others who provide care for young children
  • Works well for health fairs

  • Active Play kit image

    Active Play Kit-

  • Available for a 2-4 hour period
  • Guided activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and young school age children and their families
  • Requesting group must provide 2 adult volunteers to assist with the guided activities. Growing Healthy Kids trained volunteers are only permitted to facilitate the activities specifically intended with this kit. They are not permitted to provide child care services including but not limited to toileting, discipline, or feeding.
  • Works well for health fairs that have open space for children to play

  • Prior to Making a Request

    Before selecting which programs you would like at your event, the following accommodations are requested by Columbus Public Health:

    • Each program requests at least 1 table and 1-2 chairs
    • Blood pressure checks- table location should be away from loud noise/speakers. Our nurses do not use automatic cuffs and noise can filter through the stethoscopes. 
    • Immunizations/Vaccines- will require 2 tables and 5 chairs if nurses will be administering vaccines. Table location should be indoors as vaccines require a cool, stable environment. A private location is recommended, but our nurses can bring privacy screens if needed. Access to electricity is requested so that nurses can print patient records. 

    Making a Request for Event Participation

    Request Survey Form 
    After your request has been submitted, a staff member will be in contact with you.  Each program you request from CPH will be contacted about their availability to participate in your event. Submitting a request does not guarantee participation.

    Making a Request for a Speaker
    Speaker Request Form
    After your request has been submitted, a staff member will be in contact with you regarding availability to participate in your event. Submitting a request does not guarantee participation.

    Shalini Madireddy