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More Than Healthcare

Health – good or bad – depends on more than our genetic make up, our behaviors and our medicine.  While those are important, they are only one part of the picture.  Where we are born, where we live, work and go to school also have a big affect on our overall health and well-being.  

Resources Supporting Good Health

Links to area resources helping residents meet other needs which support health, such as jobs, food and safety.

Columbus-Area Resources 
Links to agencies for health, community, mental health, domestic violence, aging, and children. 

HandsOn Central Ohio
Database on basic needs such as emergency shelters, soup kitchens, community clinics, and clothing and food pantries. 

Emergency Resources (PDF)
Organizations for help with utilities, food, and more.

Hunger Hub 
Free online interactive map -- with food pantries, soup kitchens and congregate meal locations in Columbus, Ohio.

Job Help (PDF)
Programs that help adults in the Columbus area find employment.

Equal Care for All - Health Equity 

Health Equity is the principal that all people have a right to health.  Racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive a lower quality of healthcare than non-minorities, even when other factors are the same, such as insurance and income. Learn more.

Health Inequity Reports - Columbus Public Health
Local health data related to health inequity.

Unnatural Causes: Is inequality making us sick?  
Real stories of real people that demonstrate how our health is impacted by where we live, work and go to school. 

Healthy As The Choices We Have

The choices we have limit our ability to be healthy, such as access to healthy food and safe places to walk or ride a bike. These are some of the programs in Columbus working to improve the choices we have.

Healthy Children, Healthy Weights
Licensed dietitians helps childcare providers and parents offer healthier foods and more physical activity to the children in their care. 

Neighborhood Services
Public health social workers help Columbus residents by identifying ways to improve their health and linking them to health and community agencies.

Healthy Places
Health and city planners work to create places to live and work in Columbus that encourage more walking, biking and other physical activity. 

Get Active Columbus 
Web site for resources, information, and fun where parents and kids can get moving and eat more nutritious food.