Chronic Disease Prevention Network

The Chronic Disease Prevention Network (CDPN) is a long-standing coalition serving Greater Columbus with a common agenda to support policies, funding sustainability, and programmatic initiatives that increase opportunities for physical activity, healthy eating, and smoke/tobacco-free living through cross-sector collaboration.


The CDPN aims to effect change in the Greater Columbus community by:

  • Increasing opportunities for physical activity
  • Increasing the availability and affordability for healthy food and beverages
  • Reducing the number of residents who smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke

These goals will be achieved utilizing a variety of evidence-based policy, system and environmental strategies. Examples include: increasing the number of licensed early child car providers that have adopted healthy eating policies; promoting farmer’s markets that are SNAP/EBT accessible; increasing shared-use policies and agreements for physical activity (i.e., between rec centers and schools); and increasing the number of smoke-free housing units.

A comprehensive work plan is forthcoming in Spring 2018.

Working Groups

The CDPN is supported by four working groups, which serve as subcommittees. 

They are:

Please visit each group's webpage for more information and meeting details.

Steering Committee

The CDPN is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of multi-sector stakeholders and a chairperson from each of its subcommittees.

Other Steering Committee members represent the following organizations:

Click here for a list of all CDPN member organizations

To Join

Please email Krizia Melendez [email protected]