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Capacity Building and Education

This section is part of the Center for Public Health Innovation at Columbus Public Health that envisions Columbus as a united community where ALL residents are safe, healthy, and free to live long, fulfilling lives.


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    What does a Columbus with our help look like?




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    What does capacity building look like when we work with our staff and partners?

    When it comes to capacity building for others, we offer support, trainings and consultations to help our staff and outside organizations improve their skills, abilities and services to the community.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help your organization please explore the links here:

    Links to program/projects/work

      Safe Routes To School

      Health Literacy

      Education and Training

      Language Services



      United Nations Capacity Building-United Nations- Capacity Building 

      Health Equity Guide hosted by Human Impact Partners -

      All-in Cities Racial Equity Impact Assessment

      CDC Health Equity

      CDC Social Determinants of Health Map

      APHA Health Equity

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