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Disease Prevention and Control for West Nile Virus -- 8.18.2014

Columbus Public Health – Media Update 

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Columbus Public Health to Spray Area Neighborhoods to Prevent West Nile Virus
Columbus Public Health (CPH) practices disease control and prevention for the West Nile virus by trapping mosquitoes, investigating complaints, treating standing water, and spraying in areas with high mosquito counts and disease presence.  CPH will be spraying the areas highlighted in our on-line map to help control disease in our region.
Columbus Public Health 
Tuesday, August 19
Wednesday August 20
Thursday, August 21
Friday, August 22 
4 am – 7 am
The online map outlines the designated areas:

Tuesday August 19, 2014:

  • Linden: (North Boundary – Morse Rd., East Boundary – Westerville Rd., South Boundary – Oakland Park Ave., West Boundary – Karl Rd.)
  • Linden: (North Boundary – Oakland Park Ave., East Boundary – Westerville Rd., South Boundary – E Weber Rd., West Boundary -  Ontario St.
  • Northland: (North Boundary – OH-161 , East Boundary – Aqua St., South Boundary – Sandalwood Pl., West Boundary – Karl Rd.)
  • Northeast Columbus: (North Boundary – OH-161, East Boundary – Cherry Bottom Rd., South Boundary – Morse Rd., West Boundary – I-270)
  • Near North / University District: (North Boundary – E Hudson St., East Boundary – Big Four St., South Boundary – Chittenden Ave., West Boundary – N High St.)

Wednesday August 20, 2014:

  • Westgate: (North Boundary – W Broad St., East Boundary – S Roys Ave., South Boundary – Sullivant Ave, West Boundary – Josephine Ave.)
  • Central Columbus: (North Boundary – I-670 , East Boundary – St. Clair St., South Boundary – E Spring St., West Boundary – Neilston St.)

Thursday August 21, 2014:

  • South Worthington: (North Boundary – OH-161 , East Boundary – Indianola Ave., South Boundary – S Selby Blvd., West Boundary – N High St.)
  • Clintonville: (North Boundary – E Schreyer Pl., East Boundary – Indianola Ave., South Boundary – Acton Rd., West Boundary – Sharon Ave.)
  • Olde Town East: (North Boundary – E Broad St., East Boundary – Preston Rd., South Boundary – I-70, West Boundary – Parsons Ave.)
  • East Columbus: (North Boundary – I-670 , East Boundary – Stelzer Rd., South Boundary – Avalon Pl., West Boundary – I-670)

Friday August 22, 2014:

  • Near South: (North Boundary – I-70, East Boundary – Alum Creek, South Boundary – Frebis Ave., West Boundary – S Champion Ave.)
  • German Village: (North Boundary – I-70 , East Boundary – Parsons Ave., South Boundary – Kossuth St., West Boundary – S High St.)
  • East: (North Boundary – Delmar Dr., East Boundary – Barnett Rd., South Boundary – E Main St., West Boundary – S Gould Rd.)
  • Far East: (North Boundary – I-270, East Boundary – Barrows Rd., South Boundary – Warminster Dr., West Boundary – Noe-Bixby Rd.)
  • Far South: (North Boundary – I-270, East Boundary – Parsons Ave., South Boundary – Kear St., West Boundary – S High St.)

DETAILS:    Weekly spraying areas are determined by mosquito trap results and reports from field staff, the number and type of mosquitoes trapped, the number of infected mosquitoes and evidence of human disease. Updated spraying maps are available on the Columbus Public Health Web site. 
MORE INFO: Additional information on West Nile is available at:,, and  Map online at: