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Alcohol & Drug Services

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Treatment services: 614-645-6839
Prevention services: 614-724-2024 or 614-645-1342
Harm Reduction Services: 614-724-2033

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8 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday 
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Parenting Programs

Parenting Wisely
is an evidence-based program proven to develop effective child supervision and increase parent involvement for families with at-risk children. Parents are able to choose between Teen and Young Child editions depending on the age of their children. 

Columbus Public Health's Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) Prevention Program offers two options for families who want to participate in a parenting supportive education program.

1. Parenting Wisely

Parenting Wisely is offered as a 5 week program. Classes include small closed discussion based groups. In addition to the topics covered by the curriculum, we include how alcohol and drug use impacts parenting and the family relationship, impact of childhood trauma on behavior, and coping skills. Participants must complete each of the 5 classes in order to receive a certificate of completion. 

2. Family Interaction Group (FIG)

FIG combines Parenting Wisely with Columbus Public Health’s You’re Extra Special (Y.E.S.) youth prevention program. You’re Extra Special is designed for children whose lives have been affected by alcohol and other drug use focusing on the needs, feelings, and perceptions of the child. Children learn how to better communicate feelings, problem solve, exercise positive coping skills, and gain an understanding of alcohol and drug use including not being the cause of use or being in control of their parent’s use.  

Families of children between the ages of 7-12 meet for 10 weeks. Three of the groups will allow the children and parents to meet together to discuss feelings and communication, family dynamic, and alcohol and drugs. Parents/Guardians must attend each class with their child/children to complete the FIG program as it is centered on family engagement. 

Outcomes of Parenting Wisely Include:

  • Increased knowledge & use of good parenting skills
  • A decrease in child behavior problems
  • Improved problem solving
  • Reduced spousal violence & violence toward their children
  • Reduces children's aggressive and disruptive behaviors
  • Improves parenting skills
  • Enhances family communication
  • Develops mutual support
  • Increases parental supervision and appropriate discipline

Both programs are grant funded through ADAMH and free to clients. 

If you would like to enroll in either program or have questions call 614-645-6839.