Prevention and Education Programs in Franklin County

These programs prevent the use and/or delay first use of alcohol and other drugs. They are available at the local level and often at no cost to participants. Prevention programs are usually designed either for the general population or for those identified to be at higher risk to use and abuse drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

  • Columbus Public Health's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
    240 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215
    Website here
    Phone: 614-645-6839.

  • CompDrug
    547 E 11th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211
    Website here
    Phone: 614-224-4506

  • Drug Safe Worthington
    Website here

  • Dublin A.C.T. Coalition
    Website here

  • Operation Street Smart Drug Education
    Franklin County Sheriff's Office
    For the Adult Prevention Education program contact Corporal Brain Toth at 614-525-3318

    Website here

    For the Youth Drug Prevention Education Program contact 614-525-4507
    Website here

  • Prevention Action Alliance
    6171 Huntley Road, Suite G. Columbus, OH 43229
    Website here
    Phone: 614-549-9985