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Success Through Healthy Choices

The U.S. has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates, teens account for almost half of sexually transmitted infections each year, and the largest group of new rates of HIV infection impact people who are 14-24 years old. African American females also account for a disproportionate rate of new HIV infections—the highest of any other race/ethnicity most infected through heterosexual sex. Teens also account for the highest rate of sexual assault or acquaintance rape and relationship violence.Created by the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Department at Columbus Public Health, the Success Through Healthy Choices program (SUCCESS) works to break the cycle of high-risk behaviors for substance abuse, HIV and sexually transmitted infections, dating violence, and teen pregnancy. 

The SUCCESS program uses the evidence-based curriculum "Safe Dates" along with the National Health Education Standards and the Center for Disease Control recommendations for HIV prevention education.  

The comprehensive sexual health curriculum is designed for ages 14-18 where students meet in confidential, gender-specific, small discussion-based groups that do not exceed 10 participants, running 60 minutes. Youth are able to process emotions and feelings in healthy ways and are provided with resources needed to make safe healthy decisions that foster empowerment. Increased attention is paid on sexual identity including LGBTQ awareness as this population continues to face high rates of harassment and suicide attempts. During the program, youth participate in a risk reduction plan looking at past high-risk behaviors, and discuss how to decrease their risk moving forward using a harm reduction model. 

Topics are introduced through the use of age-appropriate activities, such as art, games, books, videos and other media topics. Topics include: sexuality and sexual identity, healthy relationships with self and others, sexual activity, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, sexual assault, relationship violence, and how alcohol/drugs impact relationships, sexual decision making, and safety. The discussions also include education about forms of contraception, abstinence, STI/HIV testing resources and other community resources available. While sexual health and contraception are discussed openly, there will not be any distribution of condoms or other forms of contraception.

Goals of the SUCCESS program are to:

  • Increase understanding of healthy relationships
  • Increase understanding of the body, including self-care and hygiene
  • Increase awareness of dating violence and other forms of relationship abuse
  • Decrease teen pregnancy rates
  • Decrease HIV/STI rates among teens
  • Increase HIV/STI testing numbers for teens
  • Increase understanding of how alcohol and drugs increase sexual health risk 
  • Link youth to needed resources such as testing and women’s health
  • Increase school retention
  • Increase self-care and resiliency to empower low-risk choices

The SUCCESS program is grant funded through ADAMH and offered at select Columbus City and Worthington Schools. If you would like to start this program at your location or have questions, call 614-645-6839.