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Y.E.S. - You’re Extra Special

You're Extra Special (Y.E.S.) is a child-centered prevention education program for youth ages 7-12.    

It is designed for, but not limited to children whose lives have been affected by parental alcohol and drug abuse.

Through activities such as art, games, books, and videos the program focuses on the needs, feelings, and perceptions of the child, not the person using or the nature of alcoholism/addiction.

By discussing these topics, children gain positive coping skills and resiliency. The curriculum can be used in schools, community centers, counseling agencies, churches, treatment centers, and so forth. 

The program is delivered in closed small discussion based groups that do not exceed 10 participants running 45-60 minutes. The Y.E.S. curriculum includes 12 lessons and can be broken into one or two school year cycles. Groups that meet for the duration of the school year show best results because students are able to form positive consistent relationships with the facilitator.   

The Goals of the Y.E.S. Program are to:

  • Reduces the risk of alcohol and other drug abuse among the high risk population of children of alcoholics/addicts and adverse childhood events.
  • Increase self-esteem and self-worth
  • Increase positive coping skills and protective factors
  • Increase knowledge of how family dynamics are affected by alcohol and other drug use
  • Increase awareness of the higher biological risk for addiction
  • Increase in communication and problem solving skills
  • Highlight ways to keep our selves safe and an understanding of resources available

Outcomes seen with the Y.E.S. program include:

  • Increase in school attendance
  • Decrease in high risk behaviors
  • Increase in healthy relationships and expression of feelings
  • Better ability to cope with difficult and stressful situations
  • Decrease in shame and guilt among children of alcoholics and addicts

This program is grant funded through ADAMH.  If you would like to start this program at your location or have questions call 614-645-6839.