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Adult Mosquito Treatment Map

Columbus Public Health conducts mosquito-control treatment in selected Columbus Neighborhoods, based on CPH surveillance and presence of disease. Treatment is done to kill adult mosquitoes usually begins the first week of July through September to reduce the number of mosquitoes.   Treatment is conducted when environmental conditions are favorable and when mosquitoes are most active. This important part of an Integrated Mosquito Management Program is designed to kill adult mosquitoes in flight at the time of the application, with no residual control. 
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Residents who wish to opt out of mosquito spraying may do so by contacting 311 at 614-645-3111.  


Learn about the products we use

Pesticides are used by employees of Columbus Public Health to minimize mosquito populations in the community. Employees are trained to safely and responsibly use pesticides to reduce mosquito numbers while having little-to-no impact on the environment. Learn more about Biomist,  DUET and Pursuit pesticides here.