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Rain Barrel Treatment for Mosquitoes

Water sitting in a rain barrel can grow mosquitoes and it can take just 7-10 days for a mosquito to grow from an egg to an adult. Preventing mosquitoes in your rain barrel is easy with use mosquito larvicides (mosquito dunks/tablets). You can buy this product from most garden supply stores. Simply follow the directions on the product’s package, and put the directed amount into the rain barrel where mosquitoes breed.

Treatment Offered at No Cost

Columbus Public Health is offering rain barrel treatment at no cost, available for Columbus and Worthington residents only. 

Safe Treatment of Water
The treated water is still considered safe for organic gardening and only affects mosquitoes. Although the product is considered non-toxic, drinking treated water is discouraged.

More information about this product can be found at:

Register Today

If interested in having your rain barrel treated, please submit a 311 request https://columbusoh.oneviewcrm.cc/ :

We will need the following information:

• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Number of rain barrels you have

Staff will contact you to make an appointment with you to treat your rain barrel. 

Contact us at 614-645-6153.