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Animal & Insects

Animals Program
8:30 am - 4:30 pm 
Mon - Fri


Animal Program and Rabies
(614) 645-6134

Mosquitos and Rats
Phone: (614) 645-6153
Fax: (614) 645-7155

Mosquito/Insect Control
7:45 am - 4:45 pm 
Mon - Fri

Complaints - 311

(614) 645-8191

[email protected]

Rat Control Basics

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Get Rid of Places Rats Live

Cover Openings 

  • Cover openings ½ inch or larger with concrete, sheet metal or hardware cloth.   
  • Screen basement windows and other windows that are within three feet of the ground with hardware cloth.
  • Cover basement drains with hardware cloth or a drain cover.
  • Patch holes around wires and pipes with sheet metal or concrete patching.

Seal and Snug

  • Doors should fit snugly, not more than 3/8 inch from the door frame.
  • Basement windows should fit tightly and have no broken panes.
  • Seal up enclosed spots such as between walls, crawl spaces, under porches, and around boxed-in plumbing.

Clean Up Your Yard 

  • Have junk, like old cars and appliances, hauled away. Call 311 about collecting bulk items.
  • Stack building materials, lumber and fire wood at least 18 inches off the ground.
  • Remove leaves, branches and other yard waste.
  • Keep grass and weeds cut low (under 12 inches).

Get Rid of Food Sources

Sources in the Yard

  • Clean up pet feces every day.
  • Don’t leave dog/cat food or water outside.
  • Clean up bird food on ground.
  • Pick up fallen tree fruit or garden vegetables.
  • Clean up garbage on the ground.

Garbage Issues

  • Bag your trash.
  • Keep lids closed on garbage containers.
  • Put garbage out the night before or early morning.
  • Report damaged city trash cans or dumpsters to 311.
  • Empty and rinse recyclables and keep lid closed.

Composting Issues

  • Rodent proof your bin.
  • Pick bin type that prevents rats getting inside.
  • Locate far away from house.
  • Bury food deep in the pile.
  • Don’t compost meats, dairy or greasy foods. 
  • More on composting to prevent rodents