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Animal & Insects

Animals Program
8:30 am - 4:30 pm 
Mon - Fri


Animal Program and Rabies
(614) 645-6134

Mosquitos and Rats
Phone: (614) 645-6153
Fax: (614) 645-7155

Mosquito/Insect Control
7:45 am - 4:45 pm 
Mon - Fri

Complaints - 311

(614) 645-8191

[email protected]

Report a Complaint

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Remove Rats If All Else Fails

  • Call a professional exterminator. 
  • Use traps made for rats, not mice. Glue traps are not recommended.
  • If you use rat poison, follow the label very carefully. Pets are an important part of the family, so use caution because pets are at high risk of being poisoned too.

Report Complaint or Ask Questions

Call 311 (614-645-3111) or report online.