Birth and Death Records

Birth and Death Records


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    Applications can be submitted online, walk-in, by phone or by mail.


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    Correcting Certificates

    Birth Certificate Corrections

    Please call Vital Statistics at (614) 645-7331 for information on how to correct an error on a birth certificate.

    Adding a Father to a Birth Certificate

    Single, unmarried mothers wishing to add a father to a birth certificate must complete an Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit that can be obtained from any hospital, child support enforcement agency, or local vital statistics office. 

    • Adding a father to a birth certificate takes approximately ninety (90) days to complete once the Paternity Affidavit is received and approved. 
    • Birth certificates are not to be returned to the Office of Vital Statistics until a new certificate is on file. 
    • To check on the status of a new birth certificate with the father’s name added, please call 614-645-7331.

    Death Certificate Corrections

    Contact the funeral home that submitted the original information.