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Child Fatality Review

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NEW! FCCFR Data Snapshot 2017-2020

Sleep-Related Infant Death Report 2017-2018 (released December 2019)

Drowning Call to Action

Youth Suicide Report 2019

Franklin County Child Fatality Review 2015 -2016 Snapshot
(released December 2017)

Health Indicator Brief: Sleep-Related Infant Deaths from 2015-2016
(released December 2017)

Child Fatality Review 2012-2014 Snapshot (released 2015) 
This brief provides an overview of child fatality from 2012 through 2014.

Additional reports provide overview of child deaths in Franklin County by year:

Franklin County Child Fatality Review 3rd Annual Community Report
Identifies the leading causes of death for infants and children in Franklin County for deaths occurring in 2005.

Health Indicator Brief - Sleep-Related Infant Deaths from 2009-2011 (released September 2012) 

Health Indicator Brief - Sleep-Related Infant Deaths (released November 2010) 
This brief presents key points on circumstances surrounding sleep-related infant deaths from 2006 through 2008.

Top 10 Tips for Healthier, Safer Children 
Booklet to help parents identify threats to the well-being of their children and know what to do to prevent them. Also available in  Spanish and  Somali.