Community Health Advisory Committees

Community Health Advisory Committees

Near East and 
South Side Facilitator

Gene Bailey
(614) 645-0732 [email protected]

North Side and
Westside Facilitator

Sarah Potter
(614) 645-1488 [email protected]

Columbus Health Advisory Committees

Program Information the community, for the community. 

The Columbus Health Advisory Committees (HAC) provide advice, direction and information to improve the health of a community. This is done through the collaboration of health care and community-based partnerships.

To tackle the major health concerns and issues affecting neighborhood residents, HACs:

  • promote the benefit of healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • serve as advocates for education and increased access to health resources
  • support residents concerns regarding health issues

    The long-range intent of the Columbus Health Advisory Committee is to be the vehicle that brings and keeps health issues of the neighborhood in the forefront of policy makers and those that provide health care access within the city.

Who are the members? 

  • civic associations
  • area commissions
  • residents
  • healthcare providers and hospitals
  • community agencies
  • faith-based organizations
  • schools
  • business
  • others

How do they develop actions within a neighborhood?

1. Health data and other information is presented to HAC members.
2. Columbus Public Health provides technical assistance to help interpret the data and reports.
3. Questions, answers, discussions and possible outcomes are defined.
4. HAC members prioritize the health issues they want to address.

What makes them work?

  • Knowing the community's history
  • Establishing trust
  • Educating the community
  • Respecting community values & norms
  • Including everyone
  • Setting reachable goals first
  • Identifying key stakeholders and issues
  • Promising only what they can do
  • Providing accurate information
  • Being culturally competent
  • Sharing in the decision making process
  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

HACs by Area

Near East Health Advisory Committee

Zip Code Areas: 43203, 43205 

South Side Health Advisory Committee
Zip Code Areas: 43206, 43207

Westside Health Advisory Committee
Zip Code Areas: 43204, 43223, 43228

North Side Health Advisory Committee
Zip Code Areas: 43229, 43231


Central Health Advisory Committee

Zip Code Areas: 43201, 43211, 43219, and parts of 43224


Get Involved

If you are interested in participating in a Columbus Health Advisory Committee in your neighborhood, call the Healthy Neighborhoods office at 645-0732.