Cessation Providers Serving Columbus


  • Address -2570 West ElCamino Real Mountain View, California, 94040 or lark.com

  • Website: www.lark.com

  • Hours of operation-24/7 all virtual

  • Type of servicesoffered- Digital conferencing, smart phone application and health coaching on avirtual platform, no nicotine replacement therapy

  • Billing information(e.g. “Accepts insurance”)- Anthem, Medical Mutual of Ohio users applicable

  • Any out of pocketcosts to be expected- Up to insurance provider, normally no out of pocket costs


OSU Total Health & Wellness

  • Address: 181 TaylorAve, Suite 1203, Columbus OH 43203

  • Phone: 614-685-9994

  • Hours of operation:Tuesday, Thursday: 8am-5pm, Friday: 1pm-5pm

  • Type of servicesoffered: Individual counseling and teleconferencing (must first establish witha primary care provider at that office)

  • Billing information(e.g. “Accepts insurance”): Accepts insurance who accept services at OSU

  • Any out of pocketcosts to be expected: Federally qualified health center. No out of pocket costsfor those who have insurance who accept services at OSU. Patients withoutinsurance can apply for assistance from OSU to cover visit and there is asliding pay scale


Family Medicine at Outpatient Care East

  • Address: 543 TaylorAve, Second Floor, Columbus, OH 43203

  • Phone: 614-688-6490

  • Hours of operation:Monday, Wednesday: 8am-5pm, Friday: 8-12(must first establish with a primarycare provider at that office)

  • Type of servicesoffered: Individual counseling and teleconferencing

  • Billing information(e.g. “Accepts insurance”): No out of pocket costs for those who have insurancewho accept services at OSU

Lutheran Social Services

  • Address: 599 E 8thAvenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201

  • Phone: 614-299-3192 ext.2820

  • Hours of operation: Monday- Friday: 9am-5pm

  • Type of services offered: Individual counseling with additional support groups

  • Billing information (e.g. “Accepts insurance”): Accepts insurance (no out of pocket costs), but also work with clients who do not have insurance.


Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians

  • Address 655 Africa Road, Westerville (Serves Columbus), 43082

  • Phone: 614-565-1870

  • Hours of operation: Westerville: Monday 6-7pm; Columbus (5202 Bethel Reed Park, Suite 100) Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm; Canal Winchester (6201 Gender Road) 10:30am-11:30am

  • Type of services offered: Program offered for cessation is Beat the Pack consists of groups (of no more than 8). Has three separate locations in which the program is taught

  • Billing information (e.g. “Accepts insurance”): Classes are free of cost.  No insurance info is collected or billed

  • Any out of pocket costs to be expected: No out of pocket costs

Baby & Me Tobacco Free

  • Address: 240 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio
  • Phone: 614-645-2135

  • Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. by appointment

  • Type of services offered: One on one counseling cessation (by phone)

  • Billing information (e.g. “Accepts insurance”): No insurance needed

  • Any out of pocket costs to be expected: No out of pocket costs