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Food Protection Advisory Committee

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The Food Protection Advisory Committee (FPAC) is a partnership between Columbus Public Health, representatives of the retail food industry and other interested participants.

Activities focus on promoting food safety in Columbus and Worthington through education, discussing and exchanging ideas, and working together.  

The role of the group is to advise the Environmental Health Division Administrator of Columbus Public Health, who oversees the Food Protection Program for Columbus and Worthington.  

The objective of the FPAC is to promote cooperation between Columbus Public Health, retail food industry representatives and the public, by creating a forum for open dialogue and discussion on food protection issues.

Objectives include, but are not limited to:

  1. Promote mutual respect, trust and communication between Columbus Public Health and the retail food licensees.
  2. Promote and support food safety education and training to Columbus Public Health employees and retail food industry representatives.
  3. Promote food safety education to consumers through public awareness programs.
  4. Review the cost methodology process used by Columbus Public Health to set license fees for the Food Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments.
  5. Make recommendations regarding the services provided by Columbus Public Health’s Food Protection Program, and make suggestions for improvement.
  6. Assist with strategic planning related to food protection issues.
  7. Help identify food security issues and work to coordinate activities with Columbus Public Health that industry can implement to provide enhanced food protection.

Members of the group are volunteers from all facets of food protection interests, from licensed businesses to consumers. The Health Commissioner annually appoints twenty members, with the Chief of Food Protection at Columbus Public Health serving as the non-voting chairperson of the committee.

If you are interested in being considered for membership becoming a member, please send a letter of interest to:
Luke K. Jacobs, MPH, REHS, Environmental Health Administrator 
240 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215-5331 or [email protected]

The meetings are open to the public. Anyone interested in attending will also be given an opportunity to speak.  

Food Protection Advisory Committee Minutes 10-17-2018

Food Protection Advisory Committee Minutes 2-20-2019

Food Protection Advisory Committee Agenda 2-19-2020

More Information

Scott Whittaker, Food Protection Section Chief and Non-Voting Chairperson of FPAC
614-645-7243 or [email protected]

Rob Acquista, Food Protection Supervisor & Liaison to FPAC
(614) 645-6176 or [email protected]

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