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Growing Healthy Kids


Krizia Melendez, PhD, MPH, CHES
Health Program Manager, 
[email protected]


Promote Water First For Thirst!

Water First for Thirst is more than just a message, it is a movement to make water the easy, appealing, first choice for children and families.

boy drinking water

Drink More Water Water is vital to good health. What are the benefits, how much do you need, and what are fun ways to increase your intake? Learn more

sugar sweetened beverages

Sugar Sweetened Beverages What are sugar sweetened beverages, and how do they impact our health and our communities? Learn more

Water purity

Water Purity and Safety What are your options for good clean water?  Learn more

water educational activities

Educational Activities How to promote Water First for Thirst from homes and classrooms to fairs and events.  Learn more

water community change

Making Community Level Change How to make policy, system and environmental changes within your home, organization and community. Learn more

Water First Campaign

Water First for Thirst in Columbus Successful ways that  Columbus is making water the easy choice. Learn more