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Bed Bugs Information

bed bug

Like mosquitoes, bed bugs bite people and drink a blood meal. Unlike mosquitoes, they are not known to transmit any human diseases. They can, however, cause itching, skin rashes, and distress.

Bed bugs spread as people carry them into their homes, often in infested luggage, clothing, used furniture, or bedding. 

Bedbugs can show up in anyone’s home, school or business.  But in general, multi-unit housing is a more common place for a bed bug infestation, such as hotels, dorms, shelters and apartments.  Infestations usually are not because of bad housekeeping.

While any resident can be affected by bed bugs, the greatest impact is often felt by people with the least resources to deal with the problem, which can take a lot of time and money.

Columbus Public Health - Beg Bug Activities

  • Consultation/referrals by public health veterinary staff for residents or organizations affected by bedbugs
  • Collaboration with the City of Columbus Department of Development
  • Member of the Central Ohio Bedbug Taskforce
  • Web information

Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force

The City of Columbus is part of the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task. It includes local governments, health departments, social service agencies, pest control applicators, landlord and tenants rights groups, fire departments, the Ohio Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Health, and the Ohio State University Extension.  Our goal is to prevent bed bug infestations through education and serve as a resource to those struggling with an infestation.  More information at 

General Information for Columbus/Franklin County

Housing Code Enforcement

For enforcement of housing code issues, including pest control:
City of Columbus: 614-645-3111
Franklin County: 614-525-3160

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