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Lead Poison Prevention

Protect Your Family From Lead Poisoning - EPA booklet

The City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities has created an  interactive map to show residents the possible presence of publicly owned lead service lines that provide water to homes, businesses, and other structures. Helpful tips to reduce exposure to lead in water is available in a downloadable brochure. Learn more.

Reducing Lead Hazards When Remodeling Your Home A good reference for safe work practices, but does not reference regulations under the U.S. Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

Lead in Imported Spices, Medicines, & Home Remedies

Recipes for Families with a Child Exposed to Lead

Prevent Lead Poisoning with Healthy Foods

Physician Office Poster - Lead Hazards

Prevent Lead Dangers In Your Home - 1/2 page card

Lead Paint Safety Field Guide

Lead and Pregnancy Infographic