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Resources and Links

Grants - Lead Safe Columbus 

Lead Safe Columbus offers grants to homeowners and landlords for lead-based paint hazard control. This frequently includes paint stabilization and replacement of lead painted windows and doors as well as other housing components.   Learn more.

Lead Inspection Service - Franklin County Public Health

Franklin County Public Health offers a lead inspection service for a fee if you live in a home built before 1978 that’s located in Franklin County. For additional information.  Learn more.

Lead Inspectors and Lead Abatement Contractors in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health maintains a list of all licensed inspectors and lead abatement contractors in Ohio. Learn More

Healthy Homes – Columbus Public Health  

Healthy Homes Program helps residents stop exposure to lead, including education, consultation services, free HEPA vacuum loan, and referral services. Have questions or not sure what you need? Give us a call at (614) 724-6000.  Learn more.

Lead in Water – Columbus Department of Utilities

The City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities has created an  interactive map to show residents the possible presence of publicly owned lead service lines that provide water to homes, businesses, and other structures. Helpful tips to reduce exposure to lead in water is available in a downloadable brochure. Learn more.


Lead is sometimes used in the making of toys, tableware, cookware, and some spices such as turmeric, leading to children being exposed to lead which is harmful. Recalls and more information can be found through the Consumer Products Safety Commission at:


For information about radon and radon testing please visit the Ohio Department of Health.  Learn More

Lead Hazard Property Listing  
List of properties in Ohio whose owners have refused to comply with an order from the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health to correct known lead hazards 

Video on Creating Healthy Home Environments for Kids: Top 5 Tips

Lead Exposure and Lead Poisoning - American Academy of Pediatrics

Lead Poisoning - Ohio Department of Health

Lead Poisoning Prevention Program -The Centers for Disease Control Childhood

Ohio Child Lead Testing Requirements 
Ohio law requires physicians to screen children younger than 6 years old at risk of lead poisoning, and Medicaid regulations require screening children at ages 1 and 2. Watch this video for more information about lead exposure risk factors, recommendations for screening and medical management of lead poisoning.

Blood Lead Testing Requirements and High-Risk ZIP Codes

Pollution Prevention and Toxics - Lead Programs - U. S. EPA

Office of Lead Hazard Control - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission