Healthy Places

Healthy Places

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Program Director
Scott Ulrich, AICP, CNU-A 
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Safe Routes to School
Katherine Swidarski 
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Columbus Art Rides

  Art Rides                       

Discover Columbus on two wheels! Columbus Art Rides is a self-guided bicycling map and audio tour of several districts in Columbus. These unique maps are an easy way for residents, visitors and families to get active while seeing great art, architecture and historical sites around Columbus.

Use the map to choose how long and far you want to ride.

Use a phone or media device to listen to site descriptions.

Dial-In Audio Tour: To hear site descriptions over the phone, call (614) 645-2646 and enter the site’s 3-digit extension number to hear specific site information.

Mobile Application: Download the MyColumbus Mobile App and have all of the Art Walks right on your phone. 

Download the Columbus Art Rides map here  

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Important Information

Certain segments of these routes use sidewalks or pedestrian areas. Riders must dismount in these areas and walk their bikes across, until the route rejoins traffic on the road.

When listening to the Columbus Art Rides audio tour, riders should come to a full and complete stop, make sure they are a safe distance from the flow of traffic, and then use their mobile devices to access the audio tour.

Know The Law & Bike Safely 

Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles when using the roadway:

  • It is illegal in the City of Columbus to use a cell phone for texting or accessing the Internet while on a bike.
  • Obey all traffic laws—come to a complete stop at red lights and wait for the signal to change.
  • Ride in the street, not on the sidewalk—always yield to pedestrians. 
  • Make eye contact with motorists and pedestrians in the roadway.
  • Wear a properly fitting helmet—if you can fit more than two fingers between your chin and the strap, it’s too loose.
  • Ride outside the “door zone” of parked cars—opened car doors are hazardous for cyclists.
  • Be visible. Use a bicycle headlight and taillight at night.
  • Keep your bike in working order.
  • Keep your eyes and mind on the road.
  • Ride predictably and respectfully.

More information at

Remember: On Wheels, With Traffic; On Feet, Face Traffic  

Why Bike?             

  • More physical activity.
  • Get to know your neighborhood.
  • More people outside means more “eyes on the street” and a safer, more active street life.
  • The whole city is within biking distance of your home! Biking instead of driving to these places helps you stay healthy, reduces vehicular traffic, and can save you time and money.