Healthy Places

Healthy Places

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Program Director
Scott Ulrich, AICP, CNU-A 
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Safe Routes to School
Katherine Swidarski 
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Walkability Assessments

A Walkability Assessment (also called a walk study or walk audit) looks at the streets, sidewalks, and physical activity spaces in your neighborhood to find the best walking route. Things like where you feel safest walking and where people like walking the most help plan the route. 

This information is then used to create a walking map of the area for residents and visitors.

Walkability Assessments are also an important way to share community concerns about neighborhood conditions with City of Columbus, area leaders, and other community members. 

You Can Assess Your Own Neighborhood

  • To perform a Walk Audit, residents walk their neighborhood with Columbus Public Health’s Walking Programs Manager.
  • A typical Walk Audit can take between 1-2 hours to complete.
  • All neighborhoods that complete a Walk Audit are able to request a  Neighborhood Walking Map for their neighborhood.

The document used for walkability assessments is an open-ended, qualitative tool. It can be downloaded here, and a map of the neighborhood of interest should be added prior to use. A two-page survey may also be used to gather additional data, available for download here.

Call (614) 645-1260 or send an email to  [email protected] to request a Walk Audit.

Walk Audit Reports: Place and (Zip Code)