Healthy Places

Healthy Places

Mon - Fri 
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Program Director
Scott Ulrich, AICP, CNU-A 
(614) 645-5318

[email protected]

Safe Routes to School
Katherine Swidarski 
(614) 645-0380 [email protected]

Walkability Banner
Find a walking map for your neighborhood here, and see a list of walkability assessments done by the Health Places Program. You can also learn how to do a walkability assessment in your own neighborhood.


Download walking maps here or learn how to request a new map. Learn more.


A Walkability Assessment (also called a walk study or walk audit) looks at the streets, sidewalks, and physical activity spaces in your neighborhood to find the best walking route. Things like where you feel safest walking and where people like walking the most help plan the route. Learn more.