On average, a baby dies every other week due to unsafe sleep practices in Franklin County. This is approximately 22 babies who die suddenly each year. In fact, sleep-related infant deaths are a major reason for Franklin County’s high infant mortality rate (IMR), and they are the leading cause of death for babies who are one month to one year of age. Too many babies die in unsafe sleep environments. In  Franklin County (2012-2014), 89% of babies who died while sleeping we either not alone, not on their backs, or not in a crib. Most of these deaths are preventable.


Learn why it’s safest for our baby to follow the ABCs of safe sleep – Alone. Back. Crib. Every baby, every sleep! Learn more.

Safe SLeep Outreach

If you would like a presentation on the top ten tips for infant safe sleep or a safe sleep display at your community event, contact 614-645-5872.

pack n play

Our Cribs for Kids® program provides portable cribs (also called pack ‘n plays) for FREE to families who meet requirements, along with safe sleep education and a demonstration on correct usage. Call 614-645-3111 to see if this program is right for you. Learn more.

Safe Sleep Ambassador

Attend a free, training at Columbus Public Health to learn more about infant mortality and infant safe sleep. Then, make a difference in your community: spread the word about the ABCs of Safe Sleep to all caregivers. For any questions or to RSVP for a training, contact 614-645-5872. Learn more.

Safe Sleep CAmpaign

Greater Columbus-area public awareness campaign featuring television, radio, print, online, mobile, movie theater and Facebook ads, as well as billboards and bench ads throughout the community. Learn more ... 

SafeSleep Materials

Campaign materials are available for free download.  Learn more.


Additional infant safe sleep information, including local data, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) safe sleep recommendations, and presentations tailored for specific audiences such as nurses, childcare providers, and safety professionals/first responders. Learn more.


The Greater Columbus Infant Mortality Task Force, formed in November 2013 by Columbus City Council President Andrew Ginther, created a community plan to reduce the number of babies who die or face ongoing illnesses and disabilities in their first year of life.  CelebrateOne was created to carry out the eight recommendations of the Task Force. CelebrateOne works to ensure our community reaches the ambitious goal of reducing infant mortality by 40 percent and cutting the racial disparity gap in half over the next five years.